Midsummers Nights Dream Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet

Midsummers Nights Dream Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet

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Midsummer Nights Dream bouquet featuring stunning subtle tones of these natural dried flowers make this a dreamy bouquet, perfect for a vintage, wild or bohemian wedding!

This bouquet is made with pink and cream Helichrysum (Strawflower), Nigella Seed Pods, Red Amaranthus, Green Amaranthus and Natural Red Setaria then secured and tied with a ribbon of your choice.

Please allow on average 2-3 weeks for dispatch as items are made to order.

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The photos show various ribbons I have in stock, just specify your choice in the order notes and I will confirm this with you. If you have a specific ribbon colour in mind then please contact me and I’ll be happy to accommodate your vision!

Bridesmaids Posy is Approx. 30cm tall, 17cm diameter. 
Bridal Bouquet - Approx. 35cm tall, 25cm diameter

Items can be pre-ordered and sent to you 4 weeks before to ensure maximum freshness, the date you would like the flowers to arrive by should be included in the order notes. 

Dried flowers are fragile and not to be thrown around or dropped, they like a little TLC! All designs will be packaged securely in a box and marked as fragile, be aware that a few petals might be shed during transit. 
Please store these dried flowers in a dry, cool place, where they won't be damp in the packaging provided until your special day. If you are displaying your keepsake after your wedding then they should be displayed out of direct sunlight to help maintain the natural colours.